Monday, 30 January 2012

VNCed 0.3.2 Virus Total Report [False Positives]

Having just run a 'Virus Total' report on the 'VNCed' it has come to my attention that the detection ratio is 2 out of 39. The two virus scanners that flagged it up as a virus are ClamAV and TheHacker.
  • ClamAV identifies VNCed as 'PUA.Tool.Injector.SQLmap'
  • TheHacker identifies VNCed as ' Trojan/Spy.Zbot.avtn'
Now as mentioned in my previous blog post regarding 'VNCed uninstallers' these virus reports are false. I recommend you only download from the links off the main VNCed website, all files are hosted on SourceForge and have been uploaded by myself.

I have heard of ClamAV, but the 'TheHacker' I have never heard of. If anyone has any idea about it please let me know.

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