Monday, 12 October 2015

Dell to buy EMC for $67 Billion!!!

Computer giant DELL has agreed a deal to buy data storage company EMC for $67bn (£44bn)...EMC of course are the owners of VMware so what will be the knock on affect to VMware users? My guess is that VMware will continue as normal as DELL will focus on consolidating their storage offerings.

In addition to VMware, EMC also own RSA Security and LenovoEMC (a joint venture with Lenovo); did you know that LenovoEMC used to be called Iomega, do you remeber those zip drives?

Of course this all needs to be approved by the powers that be, if it goes through though it will be the biggest technology deal between two companies.

Data storage is of course big business now with massive data centres being built and huge amounts of data needing to be stored. DELL is obvisouly looking to do more than flog the odd laptop and desktop PC and compete with HP, IBM and NetApp in the data storage arena.

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