Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Let's Try Videos for Free Software

I will be doing a number of videos that demonstrate free software, from open source software to those from bigger companies. Most of the software I won't have used before but I am using it as a way to try and software that I might find useful for job (to speed things for example).

All the software I will be trying is free, I am not interested in the pro versions of the software that is available. I am looking for useful utilities and software that will help the average home user or techie.

The first Let's Try videos are...

Let's Try Ninite

Let's Try DUMo (Drivers Update Monitor)

I would highly recommend Ninite for anyone (especially techies). It is so simple to use, it is fast and it just works. It saves so much time on downloading all the files separately and having to store them. It is just a pity that Adobe block Ninite from including Flash Player doh!

DUMo I wouldn't bother with. The nag screen and the large amount of ads on the website are too much. (yes I know this website has ads on it, but there aren't that many and they aren't that intrusive). I would rather DUMo linked to the website of the manufacturer for the latest version of just start downloading the file directly as opposed to having to go back to your browser and click through again.

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