Saturday, 24 October 2015

Royalty Free Music (Creative Commons Licence)

I am in the process of collating a number of bits of royalty free music, the main reason being that I like music and if I require some music for a bit of software, a game or a YouTube I will have a source that I can refer to. It also gives me a chance to mess around with sounds and visualizers when playing them back. Worth doing? probably not but if it is of use to someone else on planet on earth then at least that is something.

All the royalty free music that I find (will all be creative commons that can be used for money making purposes as well if required) will be put into playlists on my YouTube channel. This music is ideal for use within a school environment as students\teachers can use it without fear of breaking any copyright laws.

The first video is from the Rock Genre (All Credit is to for the music) and is called Rumble

The second is also from the Rock Genre (All Credit is to for the music) and is called Happy Rock!

I plan to add a lot more and incorporate visualisations into the video rather than just a static image. Any enjoy the free music!

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