Friday, 13 November 2015

XAMPP 5.6.14 Install Guide

XAMPP 5.6.14 includes Apache, MariaDB(enhanced mySQL), PHP and Perl along with an FTP Server (FileZilla) and a Mail Server (Mercury). XAMPP is completely free to download and use and is a great piece of software to use for developing web applications.

You can download XAMPP from

Here is a video showing how to install XAMPP 5.6.14

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Royalty Free Music - For YouTube and anywhere else where you might need some free music [Updated 02/12/2015]]

The following is the current list of all the royalty free (available under creative commons) music that I have uploaded to YouTube. Full credit is given to the makers of the music. I intend to keep adding to this list so keep checking back for more. The music is great to use for YouTube videos, intro music, soundtracks and will also be useful in a school environment where copyright issues are quite common with students using popular commercial tracks instead of freely available music.
Music that has been created by

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

No more unlimited storage on Office 365

OneDrive (the storage service for Office 365) is no longer unlimited, instead you will have to make do with a measly 1TB maximum. Microsoft have also reduced the free storage from 15GB to 5GB for personal users. Google Apps for Education will be worth looking at if you work in the education sector as that is still unlimited storage.

Apparently Microsoft have got the hump after some users were storing 75TB on their unlimited storage account, the cheek!

If you are currently using more than 1TB (education or paying customers) or 5GB (personal) you have 12 months to move the data elsewhere.

Royalty Free Music from

I am currently in the place of doing visualization videos for the royalty free music available from created by Jason Shaw

There are quite a few to add and I will adding them to playlists by genre and tempo eventually.

An example of one of the videos is this blues track